Any Pipe Organ fans looking to move house?

Well if you are, here is the perfect house for you. In Bristol.

Lovely story behind it.

It belonged to a lovely old lady called Joan who died a year ago, just before her 99th birthday.

She was the organist at her local church, and her husband built the organ so that she could practise at home. Their neighbours were students and apparently Joan would say she always made sure not to play too loudly or late at night so that it wouldn’t disturb their work.

We love Joan. And what a husband to do this for her!

…and no, I don’t know how she got up there either :man_shrugging:

Here is the link on Rightmove.


I hope any future owner will be equally responsible re sound levels!

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You just hope somebody buys it that doesn’t want to rip it out - unlikely though…maybe there is a society or something - would be nice for it to be preserved!

I think its terrific.

I had a friend/colleague who collected organs, both he and his son played, he had a couple of pipe organs amongst electronic ones set up in his garage at the end of his garden! Must have been a big garage. I can’t imagine what he is going to do when he moves house.

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It really is… And just around the corner from yourself I see! :wink:

Quite true, not far way at all.
Nicely integrated, not so much a house with an organ, its almost like the house is wrapped around the organ.

That’s interesting, the organ doesn’t feature on the floor plans!

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Yes - living inside a pipe organ. You don’t want to go to bed thinking about that after an evening of cheese and wine.

Great accessibility for those moments when you suddenly find inspiration.

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…my other reflection: I didn’t realise Bristol was so expensive!

I know it’s in Clifton - but seriously!

Who hasn’t woken in the middle of the night with a Tocata and Fugue bubbling around their heads and needing to hammer it out before it’s lost forever.


Yes, it depends where you want to live in Bristol, as you rightly point out Clifton is pricy and too rich for me. That is a very modest place by Clifton standards.

Also very handily located for access to our local Audio-T !

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Three words came to my head on seeing the pics: Wow, that’s wonderful!

The most amazing thing is it being a terraced house!

Then I thought of the hammer house of horror type creepy house that often seemed to have an organ…


It would be fun to try it at volume.

I used to have a Hammond and it is all too easy to get carried away with the swell pedal, oops!

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I think you and most of Bristol have known if Joan had ever “let rip” :confounded:

…those student neighbour of hers, they must have been VERY chilled :smoking: :roll_eyes::joy:

It’s accessed from bedroom 2.

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My organ teacher did it the other way around. He had a bed behind his organ in the church.


A human being would fit in the biggest pipes too!


Oh wow :grimacing:

That really is a thing of beauty

Excellent! …I did have visions of poor Herbert having to hold the ladder whilst Joan got up there.

It’s a fun looking house, but someone is going to rip all of that out. If it were me I would ty to keep some of it, but how exactly I don’t know.

Sadly that’s true. It’ll all be in a skip in a few weeks. Such a shame.