Any recommendations for cleaning DIN pins?


Autosol will remove the Nickel plating :anguished:

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Explains the dark buds :wink:

I wouldn’t use Autosol here - it’s highly abrasive and may well damage the plugs and sockets, requiring replacement.


I think you’re over estimating the amount of polishing I’m doing and under estimating the thickness of nickel.

The improvement in sound quality since I cleaned the sockets is not subtle.

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It’s obviously up to you but I know from know how abrasive autosol is as use it on my car exhaust and bumpers. Even using it on stainless steel the cloth is always black from material removed.

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Indeed - Brilliant for cleaning the inside of my exhaust pipes. I wouldn’t use it on the Hi-Fi though :flushed:

Back to you, @Neilb1906 !

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I daren’t @steviebee , I really daren’t!

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I rest my case. Clean as a whistle…

What others do with their pipes is their business :grinning:


That would take one hell of an RCA… :melting_face:

I used to use Autosol on my Pace (MTB). Excellent stuff.

At the risk of violating Forum Rules, might I enquire where you find cotton swabs to fit this.

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I’m sure @Richard.Dane wants a quiet evening down the pub in the sunshine so here’s a ‘clean’ response to save any moderation :grinning:

Given that this is an issue that Benchmark also noticed and resolved by going to Speakon connectors, why don’t Naim do the same?

I need bigger Q tips🤔


Ah the classic rolled edged SS exhaust. I remember driving up to Tube Torque in Macclesfield to have a turbo back system fitted to my RS Turbo. Fun times :grinning:


My Tube Torque exhaust finally got beyond repair after 20 years of service. Mark always rolled his tailpipes inwards though.

Sadly Tube Torque are no more. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Ah yes you’re right - it was quite a while back. My Scorpion system fitted by Castle Performance, had the rolled edge. The Tube Torque I had fitted later was rolled inwards and a lot quieter too !

My system is now a Scorpion, nice but not as good as the Tube Torque. :hear_no_evil:

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