Any suggestions for getting Tidal working again on my A+K DAPs?

Very odd. With no change in my subscription or anything else my two DAPs, an A+K Kann and a Kann Alpha, have suddenly refused to log in to Tidal. They show ‘invalid token’. Software is up to date (and the app download on the Alpha). I have also done a factory reset to no avail and logged out and tried logging in again but they won’t recognise username/password.

I can still login just the same on my mobile phone, NDS and desktop!

Any suggestions?


Tidal recently clamped down on their authentication method according to the BubbleUpnp developer which broke their own Tidal login too. Tidal now appears to be only accepting the new login method (OAuth2 via a TIDAL web form), the old username/password scheme appears invalid.

You may want to ask the manufacturer for confirmation as they may be using the now apparently unusable Tidal user/pass method on your device. That’s my take anyway. I may be wrong, I don’t use your particular device, so check with them.

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OK thanks. A+K support is a nightmare as they seem to be pretty hard to contact but I have sent a query to them anyway. I have emailed Tidal too.

Sounds quite a plausible explanation.


I can tell you that I got the same type of error using BubbleUpnp server starting yesterday. It does not support the new method and the developer is aware and working on it he says.

Mine started Sunday. Sounds like Tidal and AK might need a conversation!


Yes, and I will say it’s not entirely clear what the actual problem is. I can still log in to Tidal on my Auralic app with just a user/pass. It did not bring up the Tidal web auth page as I’ve seen in other apps when doing a Tidal login. Seemingly a bit of selective breakdowns, hope you get it sorted.

Well Tidal support would not confirm that they had changed anything and told me to contact A+K, No software updates are being posted so i have emailed them

How frustrating

Anyone else having trouble?


Looks like it is not me. They have to sort this surely!

There might be a possible solution, A&K could ask Tidal to be white listed, i.e, allowed to use the old login method for the time being. I read that Naim is doing this if I’m not mistaken. Now, getting in contact with Tidal to make this happen by A&K would likely be a hurdle if even it could be done.

Tidal sent me the blandest of corporate cliché replies about me ‘reaching out’ to AK to sort my issue. Teeth grindingly annoying brush off.


I think A&K will have to make contact and work with Tidal.

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