Any update of the Brexit or Bust thread


@Richard.Dane, a week or so ago you pulled the Brexit or Bust thread for review, and IIRC indicated you’d come back shortly with an indication of what was decided to be done with it. I just wondered if you are yet in a position to advise? (Given its size and some of the exchanges I well understand that if might take longer to decide, or to do, than first indicated.)

Thanks IB, yes, I have had a chance to consult on this one and consider what’s the best course of action for Naim and the forum in general.

As there’s nothing actually happening with regard to Brexit - i.e. Tory leadership race aside, there will be no new progress until Parliament returns from summer recess in September - then I think we could all benefit from a break from the whole subject of Brexit. So I have decided that there will be a moratorium on Brexit discussion until that time. Hopefully for some it will be a opportunity to heal any rift with other members, and for others it will be a chance to try to get back to the reason why we all come here in the first place - to share our passion for Naim and music in general.


Thanks, Richard, and understood.

…we get back from Canada early September…fits in a treat !
Enjoy the Summer Hols !!

@Richard.Dane Richard, if I may, I think the second paragraph of your post also provides excellent advice for many of our politicians! :smirk:

Nicely and fairly handled Richard.

PLEASE GOD, consign the thread to the Neverworld


Isn’t that another name for the Padded Cell?

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There is new progress, BJ appears to be losing his chance of getting the premiership. :), and that means a lot to a lot of people.

Moratorium on Brexit for a while at least.
I don’t know if Richard will accept discussion of the Tory leadership contest and new PM (unfortunately there was another thread on that that got out of control)?

I am actually beginning to hope BJ wins because although I think he is the worst candidate, I think his winning could well lead to a general election, when we could end up with some significant and refreshing face changes in Parliament, and maybe a government that will positively assess and do what is right for the country. Oh well, all is in the hands of members of the Conservative and, erm, Unionist Party.

I won’t post any more on this subject unless Richard okays it - however in any case I think it would be better as a separate dedicarpted thread, this one’s title being inappropriate.

LOL, it should have been “Netherworld”

Bl**** spell checker

I think we need a confirmatory referendum on the matter; does the thread remain or leave the forum! :wink:

I think we should just give politics a rest until Parliament returns in September.

It is good to see forum getting back to normal and discussing topics such as should you play your record player with lid remaining on or leave the lid off. Quite a heated discussion which even has some “I am always right and know better than you” nonsense. So let’s leave the controversy behind and discuss which record clamp and cork mat are best for my LP12. Or how about a cable thread? Or digital vs. analogue?


We should all agree that bits are bits…

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…and pieces are pieces.

Some of the forum members are already in the Netherlands. You are most welcome until Halloween.

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I love system pics, it gives forum members the opportunity to display Naim’s beautiful Black Boxes! Furthermore, the bits & pieces that accompany the beautiful display allows forum members to address the next logical upgrade.

With that being said, it is of no surprise it’s ranks amongst the top @ over 2.5K participants!

That’s a far cry from 6.4K!!!

Netherlands = nice place full of nice people.


  1. the underworld; hell.
    “their souls were forever doomed to wander aimlessly in the netherworld”

synonyms: hell, the underworld, the infernal regions, the nether regions, the abyss, the land of the dead;

The two are somewhat different…

I think the Boris or Bust thread just went the same way. As this is mainly a HiFi forum, no worries about that , but it did confirm the me that many users of good hifi are there because of the music and with music and the arts liberality isn’t too far behind.