Any way to import old Unitiserve playlists into Naim app?

When I upgraded my Unitiserve to a Uniti Core I had planned to import my old Unitiserve playlists so they could be played on the Core, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the .m3u files into the Naim app. Then I promptly forgot about it.

I came across my old Unitiserve playlists today while doing some maintenance, and thought I’d readdress it. I’ve searched both the new and old forums, and can’t find the answer. Is there any way to import playlists into the Naim app?

Sorry if this has been addressed.


Do you still have the Unitiserve?

No. The Unitiserve is gone, but I still have the .m3u files from its old playlists.

Bumping this back up. I’m assuming from the lack of response there’s no way to do what I’m asking, but I thought I’d throw it out there one last time.

It seems odd to me that Naim would replace the n-serve app with the Naim app but not design in a way to import your old playlists…

Yes, unfortunately it seems like another addition to the list of features the Core really ought to have, but doesn’t. I don’t know if it is supposed to be possible to add them to the Core when you first import the files - certainly the playlists are saved as part of the Unitiserve backup.
Looks like you will have to start again.

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