Any way to ulitize an XPS?

Hi all,

Besides an LP-12 (and probably soon a CXN-V2 streamer), I have a CD5XS into a 282 with 1 HiCap, into a 200 amp.

I recently received an XPS from a friend: is there any way to utilize this on either my CD player or preamp? An (officially recognized) adapter cable of sorts? I feel as if I’m so close to an upgrade, yet so far :slight_smile:

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Charlie, the XPS sadly can’t be used on either. It’s for use with a CD player such as a CDX, CDX2, CDS2, CDS3, or Naim DAC. Connection is via a multi-pin XPS or S-XPS Burndy Cable.

Pick up a used nDAC and use your CD5XS as transport into the DAC. Then use the XPS on the nDAC. That makes a great front end which I used happily for several years before taking the streaming route.


Or buy a second hand Ndx, powered by the Xps . You will have a top streamer, better than cd5i for sound quality.
But only xps2 or xps dr , the olive won’t work.

Thanks everybody, I was hoping there was some sort of breakout cable I could use.
Unfortunately, I’m pretty much done investing in my system, considering retirement, and therefore responsible fiscal behavior and all that.
If I could somehow swap this for a NAP 250…

Re: streaming, is anyone using the Cambridge CXN V2? Supposed to be best bang-for-buck at the price, and I’m sure it will be a nice upgrade from the Sonos I’m currently listening to.

Agree PeakMan

I still use this combo in a system and it’s fantastic.

Should be able to pick up an nDAC for a reasonable price


I used the CXN (v1) before getting a naim streamer; if I say it sounded a bit ‘HIFI’, but not terrible, very good 3D soundstage - if someone said I could only ever have the CXN I wouldn’t have been too disappointed :blush:

I had a Cxn V2. Very capable machine, and yes best bang for your buck. I sold mine on eBay at the start of lockdown for more than I paid new. Is my ND5XS2 four times better? No.
When I took out a Qobuz subscription, that really changed my view in streaming. Up until the cd was still used a lot in my house. Not now. Cd is last line now. Just behind streaming the CDs from the NAS.
So yes, a good machine.
As for you XPS, I’d suggest a well known in line auction.
And the whole Naim what goes with what confuses me. There must be a list of what stands for what, and which members of a series are the real ones to have!

That’s the answer, visit your local Naim dealer and p/e for a 250.

Won’t be a straight swap but the 250 will still be the best bargain you’ll ever get and also keep you happy for years,

I had a CA Azur 851N… So hifi… Moved to a ND5XS less detailed but oh so much more enjoyable

Thanks again for the comments, I think I’m going to need to resist the urge to splurge and stay at the Cambridge level for now. I was considering the Bluesound Node 2i at half the price but the Cambridge is supposed to sound distinctly better, though perhaps not as flexible format/ resolution-wise.

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