Anybody compared Bluesound node and innuos server

I realise that one is a streamer and the other is a server but I was just wondering how they both compare on streaming duty?

Also is the innuos superior when compared between the innuos used as a server and the bluesound node used as a streamer?

In short is the innuos worth the extra?

Is it worth getting the bluesound node to use a streamer with the innuos server?

Also I realise that the innuos can both serve and stream.

I had a node 2 before upgrading to a MK2 Zenith and for me, the Zenith is noticeably superior (as it should be I guess considering the price difference!).

Worth every penny.

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Heard a Node a few times and auditioned one via friend who still had it. Decent, but doesn’t come near either the Zen or Zenith whether mark 2 or 3.

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Interesting review here has the Node2i better for streaming Tidal and Qobuz but not as good from Hard Drive as the Innuos.


Just be carefull as we are not comparing apples with, er apples.
The node has a built in dac. It should be capable of streaming music from Spotify, qobuz and local NAS. The Zenith does not have an in built dac, from memory.
There is also a price difference. And watch the software that drives each too.

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The Zen Mini does have a built in DAC and is probably the closest to the Node performance wise. I’ve heard the Node and the Mini using the same DAC. The Mini by a clear distance for me.

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Bit near twice the price though!

But ive not heard either though.

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I can’t comment on the Innuos server but I have a Node 2i doing streaming duties at the moment. As a stand-alone device using the inbuilt dac and wi-fi I’d say it was pretty average and nothing to write home about. However, connected to a decent dac, hardwired with good ethernet cable, using an EE 8 switch and streaming Qobuz it’s a whole different kettle of fish. I’ve been very impressed with the performance and has me questioning why I’d spend much more money? It’s never going to sound better than my CD555 or my LP12 but what it does do it does very well and allows me to access music I might never otherwise hear.


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