Anybody have any experience with clearaudio turntables?

Hi all,
I am changing my turntable and have a demo of a Nottingham audio Dais in the works but I have always liked the looks of the Clearaudio innovation (prob the compact) but cant find out much about them here or on interweb, just a few magazine reviews. There only seems to be 1 person on here using one from the searches I have done, so before I try and sort out a demo which looks like it is going to be a faff as not that many dealers in the UK I was wondering if people have heard them or thoughts ? I am just wondering why they don’t seem to have a following in the UK.

Clearly (pardon the pun) a demo will sort my thinking out but if people have heard them and they are rubbish, hence why not that common I will save my time and not go down that road.

Hi There.
I’ve been using a Clearaudio Innovation for a couple of years now, it replaced a Linn LP12 Klimax (pre latest bearing, but including the Urika). The engineering and finish of the Innovation are really superb, but the most captivating aspect is the sound. Clearaudio has a ‘Master Tape’ quality, with exceptional timing. And unlike some other turntables on the market it never goes out of optimal adjustment.
My set up is a Clearaudio Innovation (full fat), TT3 Parallel tracking Arm, Stradivari Cartridge. Outerlimit and Clearaudio’s Balanced V2 phono stage , then hooked up to my NAC552 with Chord Signature cable.
My other source is naim’s ND555 and the Innovation is the perfect compliment. . .
If you contact Soundfowndation (the UK distributer) I’m sure they can put you in touch with local dealer for a demo.


Thanks Peter, very interesting to hear, I have same electronics as you so nice to hear they match well. I was looking at the universal arm with same cart and phono as you. I will def try and sort a demo out after hearing that, there is a dealer in Cambridgeshire which is not too far from me that I will get in contact with. I appreciate your help.


Clearaudio Champion here… love it and have plans to go to an Innovation as a final destination table in the next year or two. Would echo Peter’s comments. Russ

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That’s a stunning looking deck Peter.

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It really is … I have been dribbling over that all morning !

I have the Clearaudio distributed by Marantz and I am fine. Beautiful and captivating sound with Ebony Clearaudio Virtuoso cartridge :+1::ok_hand:

I don’t have a Clearaudio TT (I have a Kuzma Stabi XL DC), but their new Double Matrix record cleaning machine is probably the best in the world. (It should be, for the price - over $6,000US.)

Have a much more basic Clearaudio, they tend not to feature in the UK as much because of the Linn/Rega and less so Michell domination.

Based on build , sound and pleasure of ownership I would certainly be happy to recommend them as a brand.

Check out their video on the website

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