Anybody in Birmingham?

Is there a NAIM dealer in town where I can just walk in and buy a Hicap DR off the shelf?

Considering flying in and just picking one up and fly back home to Spain with it as it’s starting to look really difficult to source one without having to wait two months for delivery, so I thought - cheap Ryanair to Brum - hotel for a couple of nights -pick one up - bugger off home.


Try here. There seems to be a number of dealers in the Birmingham area.

Whether any of them have a HICAP DR available from stock though, you’ll need to ask.

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There was a time when bypassing the importer meant no warranty cover, is this still the case?
I did get a Burndy and a Hiline that I bought before leaving the UK repaired through a local dealer in France but it cost me €80 carriage.

Now you have to factor in import duty for the EU if buying in Blighty so you don’t want to be paying UK VAT too.

The Warranty contract is between the retailer and the customer. Naim underwrite. Of course the UK extended warranty his not available outside the UK. Distributors outside the UK offer their own warranty.

If you buy a piece of kit in the UK and take it overseas then any distributor would likely view it as a grey import and may not wish to get involved with it at all. At the very least, if they did get involved then there would be no warranty on that item. Warranty would be via the original dealer.

You could try Midland Audio Exchange. Near B’ham.

Hcdr is a straight forward piece of kit. Apart from a service every 15 years, you should not find a need for it to go back to naim. They are a simple , but effective power supply. I’ve got two hcdrs and the on/off button is the most excitement they get.


Not sure we are allowed to post such things but Sevenoaks Hi-Fi are showing Hi-Cap as available for in store collection at the Solihull branch if that helps. Sorry if that’s against the rules….

Signals ipswich have one ex demo. Fly then train then bus to there, and back again.

At that price it is worth looking at shipping and import costs.

Also, pre-owned is always a good choice. Plenty of choice with people upgrading and I am sure many sellers would be happy for personal pick up or to meet somewhere if convenient.

Brilliant heads up, chap. They’re shipping it.

Even with the extra costs, as a refurb of less than a year, it’s a stone bargain.

I owe you a drink.

Happy days. :metal::metal::metal:


Happy days👍

There’s quite a few million, I think…


Even better! Nice one.

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