Anyone compared ND5 XS 2 vs Nova as a source?

Not the simplest thing to do as the Nova only has a variable pre-out, at least in current firmware.

From the early days when an old olive NAP 250 improved my Nova, I knew I’d want a dedicated streamer for main system use, even if Nova remained a lifestyle device.

I auditioned an NDX 2 and it’s much better than the Nova as a ‘source’, and perhaps what I want, but rather intrigued to know if Nova betters the ND5 XS 2 as a source only.

(Edit: Nova/LP12/Oppo UDP-205 as sources currently to a NAC 282/olive NAP 250.)

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Hi, look, I do not have the Nova. I have a 15-day ND5 xs2. I made a good run-in and I must tell you that it starts to play a lot but very well already from the Tidal files (direct app of Naim app) to 44.1 / 16bit.

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Thanks Andrea.

I think it’s an interesting comparison simply because the ND5 XS 2 might be better because it’s dedicated to a single job, and personally I rarely use the screen on my Nova.

I tell you that I was used for over 10 years to use the display screen and remote control. Now I use iPad 2 and I’m thinking of taking the new one only WiFi only for speed, but I wait. With iPad it stinks more, it’s a lot more fun and professional. Step from Tidal to Nas to internet radio in 2 seconds. Amazing speed. Line nd5 xs2 very clean and elegant.


The nova is far from a lifestyle device…its a pretty serious piece of kit and hold it’s own in the naim hierarchy.


You didn’t mean that, did you?! :joy:

Mistranslation. I meant funny.

I meant funny.

I write in the forum with Google translator


A little while ago, on the last forum I think, someone had chosen a NDS XS2 and NAIT XS2 over a Nova, They weren’t sure whether the difference was in the streamer or amp though… they are the same price all up, so an interesting comparison.

On the Naim site there is a review on the ND5 XS2, which says it’s not that far off the NDX2. If you are not fussed with a screen, it might be a good option. With a good source though, and your system, the NDX2 is probably a better long term option?

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Hello community,
this is my first post in this excellent forum.
I recently demoed a nova against a nd5xs2 with nap250dr (no pre!) and the second option was for me much better. I can‘t say, if it was the streamer or the amp, but together they are more „in the music“ than the nova (which for itself is very good).
Next test will be together with 282 as a preamp, but then I will be in a total different pricerange…

Just my beginnersexperience…
Cheers from Germany


Wrong choice of phrasing but I got the Nova when my old main system was in storage and planned to keep it as a secondary one box system for the family room or bedroom once main system set up again. So a lifestyle option in a way to have another system with fewer boxes, that does not mean I think it’s not a quality device.


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