Anyone else dispute pre over power?

Yes, kept my MA GX300 speakers all the way through and still have them today.

Logically my next upgrade would be speakers, but a second power supply for the ND555 is also tempting.

But very happy with the SQ at the moment.

For all the people saying “I upgraded my pre and then my power and power was the biggest step”, did you try it the other way round afterwards? Because without the opposite comparison I’m not sure it’s a very rigorous test.

I assume in most cases not because if you buy a 552 you probably don’t keep the 52 just in case.


about the 300 DR and whether I would buy one before upgrading my 282 to a 252, the answer is no I would not do it myself. I am sure the 282/300DR sounds good but it is all about allocation of money, the 300DR is not cheap, and does one get the full value of the money spent? not to my ears.

After all during my testing the 282 was paired with a 500 DR, and it still sounded like a 282.

the 552DR on the other hand… it is awesome…

the source was a chord Dave, it was interesting to hear such a top source into a 282 and then a 552…

clearly the preamp is a very important part of a Naim system to my ears.

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That’s the point Mr @Analogmusic, to your ears. In reality this in all likelihood depends on speakers. More demanding will benefit more from say 272 or 282/300 less demanding 552 or 252/250, neither really optimised of course. Horses for courses!

Years ago, in the 80’s, when I started with Naim, it was easier.

All there was, was 32 or 42 with 110, 160, or 250.

I started with 42/110, then went to 42/250. I still have that 250.

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