Anyone else having problems with Tidal on legacy streamers?

Tidal suddenly stopped working today on both QBs and one MuSo, all first gen. Tidal working perfectly on NDX2. All hard wired. Have tried all the usual suspects, router reboots, MuSo reboots etc, but no luck.

Any ideas ?

Hi, have look here:

Me too. Loss of Tidal on naim app (radio etc all working fine as is original tidal app). I’m Running MuSo first gen.
Seriously thinking of ditching naim for KEF and Tidal for Spotify. Wasted hours last night trying to sort. After a long hard week, last thing people need. I mean FFS, how hard can it be Tidal? Was this the Tidal thought process Q. ’ we are about to do some software tweaks,should we just check with the major hi fi companies that if won’t affect some of our millions of subscribers? A. ’ nah let’s not bother’.

Ditto here. Using an NDX. Anyone know of any solutions other than ditching Tidal?

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See this

Couldn’t agree more… also wasted about 1 1/2 hours faffing with three machines before giving up.

Richard Dane - would it possible to request NAIM to email customers directly (they have our contact details …) when a third party outage such as this occurs ? Would save a lot of customers wasting time trying to diagnose their own systems before a thread on the forum appears…


Thanks osprey, much appreciated. I sent them a note on their support site, but unhelpfully, their support team for us lowly paying customers is available Monday to Friday only. I have just posted on their @Tidalsupport twitter account. Hopefully, others do too to help motivate them to move quickly.

@PistolPeter You’re welcome.

Good that you put some additional pressure to them.

Back up and running. Hats off the the Naim team for getting Tidal to sort out a problem that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

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