Anyone ever try a 272 with a M Scaler

Anyone ever try feeding a Melco or a Innuos or even a Naim Core into a Chord Electronics M Scaler to a Naim 272
This would allow the use of the USB output from the Innuos or Melco, feeding this to the M Scaler then bnc out to the 272
Going to try this my self tomorrow nigh.

I use my Naim Core into my Mscaler using a DC1 cable. After that the dual BNC’s go into my TT2 DAC, which then feeds my Nagra integrated with XLR cables. However, when I still had my Dynaudio XD 600’s (active) I did try using the single BNC out of the Mscaler to the XD’s, and I was able to upscale 44.1 files to 176, which was beneficial. Not sure if this helps you, I also used to own a 272, but that was before I got the Mscaler, and used the 272’s BNC out into a borrowed Dave, which was very good, and sent me down the path to where I sit now.


Thanks for the input, I have a bunch of gear at home so I was just thinking of reconfiguring the system.

The 272 is like a Swiss army knife,many ways to use it.

I have an Innuos Zenith into Mscaler into TT2 into 282 - it is an AMAZNG combo. I have had many different set ups over the years and I can honestly say this is the happiest I have been and the least interested in looking to make things better.


Trying to use the Innuos with Roon but also leave the system in a way that doesn’t interfere with how my wife uses it
And try out the Innuos as a player leaving the Core as a Network server.

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A huge advantage, I tried to take a stone from a horse’s shoe with my Nova and it just didn’t do it.


I guess I could just go from the Innuos to the Mscaler / Hugo TT 2 into a different input on my 252 and leave the NDX 2 / 555dr as it is.
But where’s the fun in that …

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It would be a fun shootout,have you tried the NDX2 BNC out into the Mscaler/TT2,like SIS uses his into his Hugo?

Yes right now ndx2 / ps555dr digital out to Mscaler / TT 2 into 252

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I should add that all the equipment sits down stairs and speakers are up stairs so it’s important that the volume and control is controlled via phone or iPad

Let us know how this goes.

Would the MScaler upsample files as it sends them to the 272?

The 272 max sample rate is 192, and in many cases I think it prefers 96kHz.

I feed Tidal and Qobuz to my 272 via MConnectHD on an iPad, which works very well.

I limit the max sampling rate to 96, although I’m not sure whether I should make it 192.

But I’ve never researched the MScaler so don’t really know what it does.

Yes it would upscale 44.1 KHz files to 176, and 48 KHz files to 192. But the real magic of the Mscaler is when it is connected to a Chord Dac using dual BNC cables, then 44.1 KHz is upscaled to 705 KHz and 48, 96,192 KHz files are all upscale to 768 KHz. To me, you are better off using the digital out of the 272, or any streamer into the Mscaler/ChordDac, rather than limiting yourself to 192 KHz by upscaling with it before a Naim streamer/Dac.

Yes, that might sound good.
But then I have a wildly OTT streamer using 272/555dr for just that.
I may as well swop it for an ND.
But then I also need a preamp…

Or you could completely bail out of Naim like I did, except for the Core.

Yes, that’s what you’re proposing.

I have an all Naim system from soup to nuts.

And have had for the past 16 years.

Listening to Paul Bley Speechless on it now.

Bley is dead, but I’m still with them in the studio tonight

Sounds amazing.

I have no need at all for more bits or bytes.

I only ever heard an MScaler with Chord Dave at the NW Audio Show.

Up with vile KEF speakers in a tiny hotel room.

Sounded ok

But who can tell under those conditions

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it should be interesting as even at lower sample rates the Mscaler does apply the unique WTA filtering which does a good job of reconstruction of transients.

If I had to choose I would always go for some kind of WTA filter as to my ears the musical benefits are well worth it.

Mscaler on non-chord DACs (and even on Chord DAC with single BNC input) is a good improvement, but obviously the dual BNC Chord DACS capable of taking advantage of the full MScaler output gives even more as you would expect

The Mscaler is not a simple device that only upsamples - it does a huge lot more, basically interpolating the data between the samples (something which tends to get ignored and overlooked by many competitors) , and looking for each sample to a large number of samples before and after, to calculate the interpolation.

The clever WTA filter to my limited understanding, avoids the abrupt truncations which is audible with conventional digital - in order words it recovers more of the signal, and also more of the beginning and ending of the notes - this is audible with much better transient accuracy including the leading edge of the notes

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