Anyone had a SupercapDR on a Supernait2?

Hi all

Out of interest, has anyone heard or had a SupercapDR on a Supernait2 as an eventual stepping stone to a NAC252.
If so does it add anything in the interim over and above the HicapDR that I currently use with my Supernait2?

Many thanks.

Doesn’t the SuperNait only have one upgrade connection for PSU. It seems to me it would need two (like a 282) to take advantage of having dual power rails the SC provides, in which case it seems that’s overkill using a SC on a SN. I’m happy to be corrected otherwise.

The old forum had mention of one on a user stepping towards a 252/SC/250. They added the SC to the SN2, then got the 252 and demoted the SN2 to a power amp, and finally the 250 over a couple years.

Single rail or dual, the SC outperforms a HC but for sure, it’s not a cost effective end game.

Cheers, what way would you do it, my logic was that looking at used prices of SupercapDRs they are very favourable and especially if selling the existing HiCapDR at the same time!
Also my reasoning is in an ideal would I would like to end on a Nap300 so no point buying a 250 first either and a 300 can’t be added to a Supernait2 without custom cables.

Existing system is

SL interconnect

End game system goal.


My logic swapping route.

HicapDR to SupercapDR Then 252 using Supernait2 as power amp then finish on moving the Supernait2 out and in comes NAP300.

That seems a very sensible way to upgrade the amplifier, though I’d be getting the 555PS before the Supercap. I think from memory that the Supercap does not come with a Snaic, so you’d need to get one. The 252 comes with burndy and Snaic so you’d have a Snaic to resell at that point.

Thanks HH

Yes my next plan of attack is the 555. That’s annoying regarding the SNAIC, I knew there would be some flaw in my plan. Ha :+1:t2:

Correct. SuperCap comes without cables (except power). I had to buy two SNAICs when I got one for my 282. Now that I have a 252 they have become redundant.

A second hand pre burned in snaic costs about 60-70 on eBay. I bought 1 when I had a 282 and sold it for slightly more a few years later. No big problem for you I am sure if you are looking at a used SCDR anyway!

All depends whether or not you consider a SC2 on a SN2 to be an actual ‘upgrade’ . Personally, having tried it, i don’t. Turns a balanced sounding amplifier into something altogether more exaggerated. Even on an eventual journey towards a 252, which is a very balanced amplifier, you may not enjoy the music as much in the interim. Try before you buy.

You should get the SupercapDR right away otherwise you may spend the next decade dreaming about it!

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