Anyone have a Focal Arche?

Trying to update the software but the instructions on the focal website leave something to be desired… agghhh. Curious anyone has tried. Cheers

Sounds like a disease :rofl:

Would your dealer be able to assist here? Otherwise you could try contacting the distributor.

I also had trouble updating the Arche and had to have the SCV rep talk me through it on a windows pc (you cannot do it on a mac). Bear in mind that " USB update port " is NOT the port you use to update the Arche, you use the USB B port and connect it to your computer. He agreed that the manual needs to updated to stop the confusion. But after all that my Arche was up to date and the firmware was 01.01.08. Hope this helps a little.

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Does anyone know how to make the Arche connect to a device, whether it’s a DAP or a computer without having to switch it on and off a couple of times to make it work ?

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