Anyone having more Qobuz download issues today? (June 2023)

Bought a few things yesterday including a couple of classical box sets.

The large tar files are timing out at anything from 200MB to 8-10GB, the site is slow to refresh and even trying individual tracks from an album is hit and miss via the web browser download system.

Tried downloading a boxset in the desktop app - 103 of 104 tracks downloaded. Could not resume 104 without deleting and re-adding to the queue.

It’s almost as if the servers are refusing/blocking repeat attempts to download the same media when it’s failed.

Possibly coincidence but I bought a small app called BitPerfect years ago and ran it for the first time yesterday on this Mac and it’s not behaving as expected - maybe as I didn’t grant it system wide access to certain things which is probably due to Apple locking down certain things until you enable them. It’s not be updated for 2 years so could be causing issues I suppose.

I did……i had to reset my Melco to automatic downloads……turned off and on, and my music downloaded. Maybe a different problem, but i did not turn off downloads?

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I think I also updated an ad-blocker yesterday but disabling that didn’t help.

I have a strange feeling about this.

just trying a download of a previous purchase now, ok so far, downloading at 5.7MB’s which is about as fast as my internet line goes.

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The 1.4GB file (Daisy Jones & The Six in WAV) downloaded ok, without any hesitation. I am in Hampshire, UK, ISP is BT.

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Thanks, my speeds are only slightly faster than yours.

I think it may be something to do with that BitPerfect audio app as I earlier read some posts saying it was causing spurious issues - it’s not been updated recently but used to be excellent. Unfortunately no simple uninstall option so I suspect some files are lurking having dragged the app to the ‘trash’.

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