Anyone having Problems with Qobuz this morning?

I can log in, see the music…hit play and it sits at zero…same in the App itself.

Anyone else?

Yes the same here (Germany). In the browser as well es in the qobuz android app.

I also have major issues with Qobuz.

The display is showing the cover of the album but it takes very long before the music starts, if ever.

Ok…it’s not just me then…probably a bug there end! Saves me looking all over for fixes

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Bristol U.K. Take about 10 seconds to load and play ?

Yes, I have both Naim & Linn streamers and can’t stream Qobuz via either this morning.

Working OK in Roon but very slow to start playing.

Broken here too. Roon and naim app

Things seem to be getting back to normal now but looks like Qobuz had some issues around 10:15


I am now having problems in Bristol whereas I wasn’t earlier! Clearly still a bit flakey

I am having super flakey things happen in Roon. Some things will play some won’t. This could be related as well… I hope.

I have to press the ‘Play’ button to start playback of an album (never had to do that before) and eventually the first track plays. But the next track does not automatically start.
However, if I play the same Qobuz album from my trusty Lindemann Limetree Bridge I find zero problems and playback is normal.
So must be an NDX 2 related issue (wow, what a surprise!)

All seems ok now!

Yes my Roon is again working as expected.

I tried to use Qobuz on my phone to play via bluetooth headphones earlier and couldn’t play anything. Looks like it must have been an issue at their end.

Oddly it was playing some selections for me but refusing others. Sick of my musical tastes I expect.

I had exactly the same. Made me look at EVERYTHING else and restart EVERYTHING else because of that first.

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