Anyone heard Stenheim speakers with Naim?

These are Swiss speakers with aluminum cabinets, extremely expensive. Several reviews and positive comments are available online, but I’m wondering about compatibility with Naim amplification.

A NAP250 will drive pretty much anything even down to 2 Ohm impedance.

Stenheims have high sensitivity and a load any Naim amp can handle. So no isdues about capability. Whether there is synergy or not I cannot say.
Good luck.

Thanks to both of you for your replies. I realize that the Stenheims have high sensitivity, 93db or so, and are easy to drive; synergy with Naim is my main concern. Art Dudley wrote reviews of two models in Stereophile, and I believe he was assigned the task because he only owns wimpy tube amps that, on paper, should be a good match. However, i notice that dealers and others are using fairly powerful SS amps–Soulution, for example.

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