Anyone in the UK getting any rain?

We have had nothing recently. They keep forecasting it but it doesn’t happen. Regards from a dry Worcestershire.

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Couple of showers in East London today, one light one last night. Still hoping for thunder - I love thunder.


SP postcode, has been raining on and off all day.

Odd splash in Essex… thats not me by the way, although Ive been called worse.

My son says Bristol has lots… :cloud_with_rain:


Been raining quite heavily here in Yate near Bristol in the last hour guess its coming up the M5 to you @Collywobbles


Hope so.

Nothing in Sheffield🤷‍♂️

I might try washing the car, putting the washing out etc…

Here on the Kent/East Sussex border we had a few light showers this morning (typically while I was in the woods walking the dogs) but right now it’s back to blazing sunshine and looking bone dry again.

30 minutes of rain in our part of Colchester……sun dried it up.

A few light showers today :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

Just enough rain to get the ground wet so that we won’t get too much run off if there is a deluge, which we do really need.

All the interesting stuff has gone further to the west unfortunately (apologies to those who now wish it had gone further east)


After so long I can’t remember, it’s just started tipping it down in east Oxfurdshy’r.


Oh well that didn’t last long, but a steady on/off little & often is the best way to recover.

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Nothing in CT21. Sun’s out ( again)

I’ve been out wearing my leather mankini raindancing.
So far no such luck.


Proper Rain now in Rugby… :cloud_with_rain:

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Nowt in North Yorks. … … … … Shhhh! :shushing_face: :shushing_face:

Occasional light rain looking through the window here in Huddersfield.

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Just east of Southampton. We had a half hour deluge, late morning, with bits of hail, and another bout after lunch. Won’t need to water the garden today.

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About 5 miles east of Brighton we had drizzle for a couple of hours this morning, it then brightened up slightly before we had a thunderstorm and a decent amount of rain. Now dry and sunny again and perfect for a Nordic walk along the prom. According to the Met Office app, we have a 50% chance of rain and thunderstorm around lunchtime tomorrow.

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