Anyone in the UK getting any snow?

Woke up this morning to this.


Very pretty……but a bit of a pain if travelling

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Snow in North Manchester too.

Where are you badger? My bit of N Yorks just NW of Skipton is frozen but snow free.


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just spoke to my parents in north Manchester - snow is falling there

Falling near Manchester airport too

Just to the north of Horton in Ribblesdale. The Arctic. :grinning:

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Mid Devon here - yes, lots of snow - about 2 inches, or a bit more.

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Heavy frost overnight in Cardiff, saw some grey clouds earlier but just seemed to get a bit of drizzle.

What a beautiful place that is! -6C overnight here on Oxon/Berks borders. Very heavy frost, dry air, no actual snow.

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No snow in Essex but heavy frost … and flipping freezing cold!

Plenty of snow here in N Wales.


A light dusting in County Durham.


A teeny bit in Preston this morning and it snowed briefly with some monster flakes mid morning


We are getting some snow in S Worcs this morning. Some friends about 5 miles away have got more than us. The Netweather radar suggests there is a lot more going on in the S Cotswolds.

Several inches in Gloucestershire. Started overnight.


The sun’s fair beltin’ it down in North Yorks., with no snow, so far.

Baltic, mind. :cold_face:

Went to bed with a forecast of 10% chance of precipitation, woke up to this in South Glos


No snow in Brighton, but it’s cold enough for it. Maybe if we’re very lucky…

We never get proper snow these days ,This was just outside Sheffield in 1947. Nb before my time!

Trouble is a lot can’t drive in even an inch of snow on a flat road these days without spinning wheels or getting stuck