Anyone knows what's wrong with the products serial number in 2019?

I checked the products that Naim has produced in 2019 and the serial number is very vague. The data of 2019 is shown in 2 parts: |450417|2019|, |465513 - 465657|2019|.

Does anyone know why it is like this? How many products were produced in 2019? Thanks!

Just curious…


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From the Naim website:

All Statement products are expertly hand built to order, however please note: Statement series (NAP S1, NAC S1) are likely to have serial numbers of an earlier manufacture year. This is due to a number of serial numbers being held back specifically for Statement series products to ensure that serial numbers are sequential when customers are purchasing a full Statement system.

Can this be the cause?


The label printer broke.

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They sold one statement - serial number 450417?

Have you asked Naim?

No I haven’t asked them. Maybe later but just curious

But this should have happened in 2014 or 2015 but not 2019? And they say it’s earlier years. Really interesting

Convincing explanation :joy:

I looked after the printer and the label software. I don’t recall any jumps in the serial numbers at the start of 2019. The numbers for Statement are pre allocated in blocks as these need to be engraved, but not in great numbers.


Not on my watch!

Strange also that their page doesn’t include serial numbers for this year.

I think those numbers are simply incorrect.
Marketing will ask IT and then we’d look in the erp system db to get the first and last numbers for the preceding year, and then marketing get the website updated. 2020 numbers wont be added until jan 2021 at the earliest.

Just a bit confused by the way how the serial numbers were shown for 2019.

Yes, could be incorrect. But just thought someone in Naim should have noticed this before and put the correct serial numbers.

Are you all slow? Those numbers are obviously reserved for @Richard.Dane’s personal collection. Notice how coy he is about the whole thing? How daft of you all to miss that!


I’ve been rumbled…

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A wild and off the wall thought, did some serial numbers get allocated for the Bugatti project and other unannounced projects?

Then it seems like in 2019 they only manufactured 145 products…