Anyone listen to FM radio any more?

I’ve got a somewhat vintage Magnum Dynalab FT-11 AM/FM radio hanging around and I’m just not listening to it anymore. I’m more interested in listening to WQXR in NYC than my local San Francisco area stations.
Another drawback to listening is that I need an antenna to pull in a good local signal and I don’t have easy access to an antenna.

Wondering about the listening habits of others.

Yup, I listen to FM radio most days - particularly in the car, where DAB is a bit of a disaster in my experience. And at home, the sound quality still trumps the other options via web, satellite or DAB. Of course, we’re lucky in the UK having some excellent nationwide radio stations.


Yes, I love FM and listen to my NAT05 with modest roof mounted yagi everyday. Shipping forecast, Morning news, often the classical programme. Lunchtime headlines, maybe the play, early evening ‘comedy’, late night ‘Night Tracks’ on R3.

As Richard says, different broadcasting environments either side of the Atlantic.

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FM in Aus has become extremely boring, I occasionally listen to the ABC (National Broadcaster) mainly for news etc. Started to listening to OS online stations recently where there seems to be more variety especially in the UK.

My Magnum Dynalab started making popping sounds and is now in retirement, the reason being that I have taken out of retirement the NAT 03 and with a dedicated VHF aerial it is very good. I listen frequently to Radio 3 and Christmas starts with the service from Kings on Radio 5

Suspect we are much better served from an audiophile perspective with these two on FM than the American market

DAB is an extra I would like for the sports coverage

I love my Nat 05. It sounds fantastic and I discover so much great music on radio 3.

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I listen to FM everyday when in UK on my excellent NAT-05 or car, (I prefer DAB sound in car, but go to FM when hill/valley reception gets patchy)
Naim’s iRadio (web-radio) is my other at home ‘radio’ listening, the high bit rate stations (320kb/s) on web-radio are as good as anything (with one BBC R3 FM exception)
As Richard says we have excellent national & local radio services, frankly I have not found any country with better national radio service compared to the others that I regularly travel around.
In UK DAB is OK but other than when in the car, its not something I go to unless there is something specific thats not on FM or web-radio.

My local (regional) 46kW FM transmitter (also has DAB/DAB+, & all the TV’s) is only 3.5 miles away & I have a high performance attic mounted antenna that is way past over kill, but I listen to distant low power stations that have weekly specialist music programs, & the over-kill antenna does this beautifully.
The day will eventually come when UK looses FM, it’ll be a sad day but maybe a few more years yet

Yes, NAT01 in daily use here. In fact Radio 3 is on now. FM radio all the time in the car, usually R3, except for when the kids want to bluetooth their phones and play their playlists. Will be gutted if/when BBC cease FM broadcasts. Live concerts can rival my LP12 for sound quality. Not bad for an old CB bit of kit over 30 years old!

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R3 and 4 on my Nat 05. Excellent.


  1. In the car - either local radio for local news/current affairs, Radio 4 for news/current affairs/comedy or a play to keep the non-driving part of my brain awake, or either radio 3 or Classic FM if I want relaxing music. Aside from tge fact that none of our cars has a DAB radio, I suspect that maintaining signal continuity may be an issue.

  2. At home when getting up in the morning, either local radio or R4 for news/current affairs. The radio can recieve DAB as well, but if a poor signal break-up is intolerable, and IIRC from when I first bought the radio, getting one with DAB to be future proof and so trying it out, it drains the battery faster than on FM.

For my radio listening FM is better than DAB.

Used to listen on my NAT 01 but unfortunately it packed up a while ago.

Send it back to Naim for some love. Or give it to me. It’ll look fantastic in my Olive system. But seriously, get it working again and enjoy it.

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I use a NAT05XS with a flatcap and it sounds superb. Really don’t like DAB and FM still has the best sound for me

It’s great to read the love for FM. As has been said above, live R3 broadcasts can be stunning, and just as good as my streamer. All from a tuner that cost me £240 secondhand. I often listen to the R3 lunchtime concert.

Yes, the concerts from Wigmore hall are a lunchtime treat when I’m working from home.

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Though I fancied trying a NAT 01 for some time, as only an occasional radio listener (as well as the threat to continued FM broadcasting), it never really seemed a sensible option; unfortunately (for my wallet), a nice, late Olive example became available, and my resistance was weak :blush:, so a NAT 01 has now been added to my collection of boxes! :roll_eyes:

More ‘serious’ radio listening beckons… :smile:


All the time. Our Luxman tuner is set to one station only, WFMT which broadcasts classical music. We live 45 miles from the station in Chicago but the reception is decent (with a standard internal butterfly antenna) and the sound is refined and pleasing. For a while I was chasing after a NAIM tuner but then gave it up.


I’m not surprised. Luxman always made excellent sounding tuners. Even the basic ones sounded great.


I listen to FM on my Nat 101 / Snaps which I’ve owned since 1986 tend to hear it 2 to 3 times a week.




I use the 01 daily. It’s fab.
Would never part with it.
Great sound and aesthetically perfect