Anyone put a LPS on a BT Ultrafast Smart Hub?

If anyone has, could they please tell me the size of the DC power jack! It’s the version that comes with a 12V 2A switched power supply.

It’s not 5.5 x 2.1 or 5.5 x 2.5 nor anything that fits any of the adapters I have lying around. It has quite a big internal bore. In fact the whole thing’s a bore. I’ve spent ages looking, can’t find anything reliable on the internet and am slowly starting to lose the will to live. One site suggests 5.1 x 3 but I can’t find any confirmation anywhere.

I would be careful on this, I had a BT HH5 swap a year or three back, Type-A has a different coax jack to Type-B.
I have a selection of 2.5 to different others & I don’t have one that fits my BT Smart Hub… so I would take care to measure twice & thrice for luck before you go.

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