Anyone running Qb as Soundbar?

Hello, I’m looking a options for better TV sound. Having changed TV under warranty (Sony died at 4 1/2 years, now LG) it will not fit on the Canton soundbox, however we were looking to improve on the Canton anyway for better dialogue. Due to room layout and desire, I’m not running TV through the Hi Fi.

I realise the Mu So may be the better option with HDMI, but I’m looking for a compact solution. I would be interested in views / experience of Qb for TV sound via optical.

Thank you.

We have a Panasonic with reasonable SQ, but a Muso QB2 via optical is much better imo.

We had a early LED Panasonic which had a soundbar built in which sounded very good indeed. We’ve listened to the new tv sound, it’s not really an option, although I have another LG in another part of the house mounted on the wall and this does improve SQ.

We use a Mu-so Qb1 as a soundbar on our Sony TV - it’s linked using an optical cable. I’ve never had a conventional TV soundbar so can’t compare the Mu-so to that but we frequently use it when watching films and it markedly improves the soundtrack and speech fidelity.

Thanks Ian, it’s good feedback re film soundtrack and speech- very much what the result I’m looking for

Q acoustic m3 has proved very good indeed here… far better than Yamaha equivalents on the other room

Thanks for the info


…can confirm that I also used the same configuration for a long while with a 1st Gen. Mu-so Qb.

The Apple TV 4 was taught the Mu-so IR remote volume commands for convenience. Also, the Qb was left powered on to avoid having to turn it on separately.

Hopefully HDMI ARC & CEC can be included in a future model. It would be a great sound bar alternative, like the Mu-so 2 is now.

Thanks for the response, yes HDMI ARC would be a great addition….however not sure it’s likely as the Mu So has this. I’ve no doubt the Qb sounds great. Watching a film last night on current setup, trying to hear the speech was awful, so will need to do something

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