Anyone thinking of new stand mounts

Just before lockdown I bought a pair of PMC. 25 21s … they were to partner my Atom … I auditioned KEFS highly rated R3s some Dynaudio Evokes and if I recall some Spendor A1.s to my ears the PMCs won hands down which I guess they should as they were at a slightly different price point … I’ve loved every minute of owning them but always felt a small sub would add just a bit more depth . HOWEVER every now and then the grill would fall off ( turns out a magnet was at fault ) so they went back to PMC and they kindly lent me some 21i,s … if anyone is thinking about new stand mounts please go and listen to these … they are amazing so amazing in fact that I’ve ordered a pair and as they look exactly the same I should be able to switch them over without my wife noticing …. It’s a win win …

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I’m guessing you channeled this to and fro with your local dealer ?
If so, this is why a good relationship with a good dealer can be so crucial.

My brother lives near PMC,s headquarters so I took my faulty ones directly to them and visited him at the same time … cutting out the dealer … but it offset my carbon footprint :slightly_smiling_face: … but agree dealers are so important

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Gosh, that’s a good job properly done and good’nd.

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