Anyone tried the Music Mask?

I just came across this one: Music Mask listening in the dark with open eyes accessory
Anyone tried it? Opinions?

I have never heard of, or let alone tried a music mask. An interesting concept certainly, but I bet it’s a bit of a “Marmite” product that is either loved or hated. Personally I just listen at night with the lights turned off and I must say I quite like looking at all my little illuminated Naim LEDs!!

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I’d never heard of the thing either. From the site, I’m not entirely they’re still available either. But I’ve shot them an email and will report on what they say.

I’ve got to say I’m curious, but I also hate faff, so would be very unlikely to use the thing regularly if at all after having had a good play around… In fact, I’d probably lose them…

I also quite like closing my eyes :slight_smile:

If having the eyes open is that important, you can buy blackout goggles on various websites for about a fiver. You could even buy some swimming goggles and colour them in with some paint or a sharpie! That would be cheaper than the Music Mask ones - dare I suggest there’s an ‘audiophile markup’ on this sort of thing?


The very idea! :roll_eyes:


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