Anyone use Nac 122, 152, 202?

Much of the talk here seems to revolve around the mid to high priced products, either that or the Uniti series and Muso all in ones, there seems to be little chatter from owners of the ‘entry level’ separates and particularly the pre amps.

Does anyone buy them and are they any good?

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I happily used a 202 at the start of my NAIM journey - very nice Pre AMP, parred mine with a NAP 200 and then added a HCDR for the 202

Good to hear @Antz , funny thing is in terms of monetary value a 202 + 200 is way more than many would spend on an amplifier and yet it seems to be seen as less relevant by the majority here.

Perhaps people with more sensible priorities don’t come here to chat? :sweat_smile:

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I’m very pleased with my NAC152XS. Mine is partnered with a NAP155XS and FCXS. With the right sources and the right speakers, it all comes together.

Naim ownership need not cost the earth.

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Brilliant, @Christopher_M , perhaps people with these products are completely contented and don’t need to know what the next best thing might be? Or to talk/agonise about it in a public forum. Sounds like a nice place to be.

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number of ways to go on your journey - All in one, XS, SuperNait 1,2 or the new 3 or seperates

the choice and budget is yours, or pre loved, well looked after and serviced from Chrome Bumber, Olive

great part of NAIM ownership

Indeed, and all the way up to Statement, but there is so little mention from of the
humble(er) separates.

I had a 122x, 150x and fc2x for several years - the predecessor to Chris’s setup. It’s really excellent. The trouble for the Naim hierarchy is that the 202/200 really isn’t miles better, especially for the doubling in price. Maybe the entry level separates were too good for their own good. Perhaps a reason for the apparent paucity of discussion of them is that people simply buy them and use them and don’t feel the need to discuss them on an Internet forum.


Thank you. I’ll confess, I’ve certainly wondered about what a better preamp would bring me. But then I have been mindful of messing with my system synergy.

The 152/155 definitely seem overlooked. They came out at roughly the same time as the Nait XS, of which I have owned two. I switched to the separates because I wanted to lose the puppyfat. They have been stonking value.

I happily had CD5/112x/150x/FC2 for many years. Very nicely balanced system, I sort of miss it.


I am happily using and NAC202 paired with HiCap/ NAPSC/ 150x and it continues to impress me. I am interested in trying a better pre, but i think a better power amp would make sense first for me in terms of keeping system balance.

112, 150, and fc2 here and a 202/200 for a few years. Recently moved on up, but I think you either go for 152 (current range) or 202, and then next step up is 282 from whichever you start with.

ND5XS, CD5, 122, FC, 150 here. Nicely balanced to my ears. Also have a Unitiqute + N-Sub in the office and a Mu-so Qb in the snug. All on the lower end of the Naim ladder but sound great in the rooms they live in.

Some might say, the more sensible end of the ladder.

I have the 152x powered by a Hicap 2 on upgrade 2 flatcap 2x on Upgrade 1 and supplying CD5. The older stageline powered by AUX2 into 2x 150s, sounds wonderful to me and in no rush to change.

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Just upgraded from the NAP150x towards the NAP200DR, however still via the Flatcap2x. I obtained now an upgrade from the NAC122x into a NAC202 and still connected via the Flatcap2x already a huge improvement, should I connect the NAP directly towards the NAC or is the Flatcap adding anything?

I briefly had a 122x, but I’ve now been on 202/200 for over five years and very happily too. Only very recently added a NAPSC, and happy with that also. If you offered me a straight swap for 282/300, I’d gleefully accept but, until someone is that generous, I’ve got many more pressing priorities for my cash for a few years yet.

I too find it faintly amusing that my system is regarded by many here as total budget starter kit, but by more or less every other homo sapiens as ludicrously expensive. Some might be intimidated by this, I just smile quietly and enjoy my music.




I’m on holiday and have Qobuz on my laptop playing through Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt into Sennheiser HD 700’s and I’m thoroughly enjoying my music at a fraction of the cost of my mad head-fi home set up.

The FC is adding nothing. Try without the FC. This is the way to get the influence of the DR tech within the NAP200DR into your preamp.

(And now back to the topic.)


we are using Nac 122x, Nap 150x, CD5i-2 for ten years now in the living room and are still convinced. In the Kitchen we listen to Nait XS-2, NAT 5XS, Cd5i with Linn Tukan, works fine. In the study i have a humble NAIT 5i wit Creek T43 and Mission 751. In the eating Room music comes from Linn Kudos, Majik I, Linn Kan IV.

Music is most of the time around us an even with moderate equipment there ist plenty of fun. All the systems are a bit different but balanced and work with the same remotes.

Most of the items were bought when the successors came out for around half the normal price. The little vintage Linn system Kudos, Majik and Kan iv where bought as an anti corona frustration stopper three months ago and - it works (for 750€).

Moderate systems can give you a lot of fun - in every room, enjoy.

best whishes, Ernst