Anyone use Tellurium Q (original) Silver or Silver II speaker cables?

What are your impressions with Naim gear? I’m thinking of trying something new but there aren’t a lot of reviews of the original silvers or MK2 (tons of Black and ‘Ultra’ versions, etc.). I currently use LFD Spiroflex, which are very good, but feel the treble can be consistently strident/over-illuminated with some recordings versus smooth and detailed.

I have tried out all of the TQ cable range, I had extended home demos about 18 months ago.

They are all exceptionally good…

Obviously the best way forward is a home demo … have a chat with your local dealer…

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I use TQ silver mk1 and very happy… big step up from black and not bright as some reviews made out with plenty of bass and lovely open mids and treble. Between supernait 2 and dynaudio evoke 10


I have the Silver Mk 2. While I’m not using it with a Naim amp now, I was using it with a SN2 & Hicap DR.

I’d say it is well worth the money. The difference between it and the Black (first version) is quite big. It’s a lot clearer, lifts the mids and isn’t harsh at all. Provides good tight base.

However, expect it to take a good 3-4 weeks to settle in properly. I found the first week or two a bit up and down. Getting glimpses of excellence followed by," what the heck!" moments.

In the end though, it’s quite surprising how much detail they reveal compared to mk1 Blacks!


You guys are awesome! Thank you for your replies. I went ahead and ordered a 2.5m pair because they were a great deal. I had a feeling they were quite substantial in terms of performance and openness compared to the black; I was just afraid they might be too much up top for my new Spendor D7s, which are going through some unbelievable ups and downs of their own. That’s a discussion for another time, though, when I have time to review them (they have about 200 hours on them after today). I have a SN2 as well, so it’s good to hear some like-for-like. I really appreciate what well-designed silver cables can bring, so am glad to hear your respective experiences.

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I’m using TQ Ultra Silver USB. It’s a USB cable instead of speaker cables. Not sure if it’s comparable but the Ultra Silver surely does not sound bright. It actually sounds slightly fuller and warmer than the cable which it replaces.


That also applies to the Ultra Silver XLR… plus a very open spacious feel.


Oh, if only I could afford the Ultra Silver…
There I go again.

Using the Silver Diamond here…very pleased with them.


Just wanted to quick follow-up and to thank those who’ve responded for nudging me in a very positive direction. The Silvers arrived and have been installed. From the little time they’ve been in, I can attest that they impart a wonderful sense of detail, space and holography. I cannot detect the slightest bit of hash or grain, and they’re not the least bit strident on the few tortuous treble test tracks I tried that typically make me whince slightly and brace in anticipation for any recurrence of a similar (or the same) high pitch. Man, I wish I could put into words what’s changed in comparison to the LFD Spiroflex cables these replaced (which just gelled with the Harbeths before my Spendors).

They are VERY similar if not virtually identical in presentation to my Clear Day backup cables—also silver—in single shotgun configuration. They were my reference silver cables; among the best and most balanced from top to bottom of any silver speaker cable I ever owned or auditioned. They were the high bar among which all had to dethrone in my estimation. Sadly their creator Paul Laudati passed away too early about a year and a half ago and his cables are no longer made. He was among the truest of gentlemen and most passionate individuals in this hobby; he also happened to be a genuinely great guy.

The Tellurium Q Silvers thus far are in that company—very balanced and vivid-sounding cables. They seem to individually spotlight each instrument or artificially created sound within a given recording space, making picking apart these artifacts pretty effortless. The result is really, really pleasing. In addition I’ve lost nothing with regard to soundstaging and soundscape (something electronica does quite well), something I really cherish and often fear may be lost or diminished with changes to the system. As with any cable to me the caveat must be presented: YMMV. Also subtlety and nuance is really what these descriptors are about, not a eureka moment. A very wothwhile purchase, nonetheless. Highly recommended.


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