Anyone using a 500 on Isoblue?

I’m pondering an upgrade to a 500 power amp and wondered what extensions I’d need for my Isoblue. Does anyone use a 500 on Isoblue? Can I get away with a 65mm extension (making a total height of 165mm vs. 500’s 160mm) or do I need 2 x 35mm?


At the price for a 500, I would try a 65mm extension and see if I can get away with it, rather than adding a screwed joint.

The NAP500 is 160mm high -

The Isoblue dimensions are -

So, 100mm high is standard. Adding a 65mm gives you 165mm. Which is 5mm clearance…

My NAP250 in a standard Isolblue has about 10mm clearance - by eye. Maybe a tad more.

Up to you… How much is a NAP500…?

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I think I’m happier with the 65mm extension, even though the clearance is smaller. The clearance on my 300 is apparently 13mm - according to the sizes on the Naim website.
Thanks, both

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Well, 10mm by eye wasnt bad…!!

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I’ve just spoken to Andy from Isoblue who also happens to be a Naim dealer (Winchester Hifi). He’s recommended going for a combo of 35mm + 65mm. Great to talk to him.


You could also go for 2 x 65 mm.
Really depends on the total height of your rack and the visual aspect.
I personally prefer the looks of 2 x 65mm and it also gives a bit more height , helpful as you get older !


I think the more distance you can put between the boxes, the better. I use 35mm extensions for my 250 even though it would fit on a standard shelf for that reason.
I have to say that the extensions make the whole rack look a bit odd to my eyes, and for a 500 system I would probably look at alternatives.

Me too, and I’ve ordered a second set to raise the brawn stack up to the same level. I’d have quite liked a combo that would have made one extended shelf the same height at two standard ones (like you can with Fraim) but that facility doesn’t exist.

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