Anyone using a Hicap DR on a SN with AQ Niagara 1000?

I realise I am asking a very precise question. I have an AQ Niagara 1000 which has only one high current bank for the power amplifier.
I might eventually add a Hicap DR to my SN2. I understand the Hicap DR powers the preamp section of the SN2. So, I would plug the SN2 into the high current bank, as it powers the power amp section. But, I would plug the Hicap DR into one of the non high current banks that have more filtration. I was wondering if anyone has a similar setup and if it works fine?

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If you have decent mains in your house, you really don’t need a mains conditioner. Is there a particular reason you have one?

Hi DanielH, yes your logic of the SN in the high power & HC in the other is correct. The HC pulls constant steady low amps, the SN power is up & down with volume & dynamics.
But as HH says, why a power conditioner, they tend to kill some aspects of SQ, not saying your AQ 1000 does this, but generally power filters are not well regarded in the Naim world.

I tried with and without the Niagara 1000. It sounded better with it so I kept it.

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Thanks Mike!

Not quite as specifically on-topic, but I have a PS Audio Stellar P3 power regenerator that offer both HC or Regen in two of the six outlets. I also have dedicated 20a lines, and even though I have them, the P3 offers quite a substantial lift in SQ, especially on Regen, much like what you’re describing in the AQ (many have given their thoughts similarly for the 1200, 3000, 5000 and 7000 too, though the last three offer the current reservoir that the 1000 and 1200 do not). I’ve used it on HC, but it didn’t ‘sound’ much different to me than plugging it directly into the 20a line. All other Naim PSUs are also plugged into the Regen outlets. The P3 doesn’t break a sweat.

I know these units are apples and oranges, but they both seem to offer little-to-no detriment on Naim equipment, the only ones of their kind I can think of (apart from the CablePro unit that is no longer made).


I have the 1300, didn’t try it with my supernait and hicap but did with my 282/hicaps and 250dr. Preferred the hicap and the 250dr straight into the mains but everything else sounded better through the conditioner. On my current set up I have everything through it apart from the amp which is now a chord and the uplift is significant. Had I been able to put a separate mains in for my hifi perhaps the power quest wouldn’t be required but I can’t and it gives a big improvement for the cost


This is really a misconception. Give it a try in your setup and see what you like best. My AudioQuest Niagara 1200 stayed after an audition. And I had a dedicated audio mains group in my house already…


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