Anyone using an Auralic streamer with win 10 music library?

I have an Aries G1 which is seeing my pc\music10 shared library but is showing it as empty. My Nodes and other devices see the same library remotely and shows all content.
Anyone with an Auralic streamer and win 10 music library want to share their settings please?

Check that Windows 10 hasn’t helpfully disabled SMB v1 shares capability… Have a look at the Auralic Community for guidance from other Windows users, I’m afraid I only have a MacBook.

Thanks, yes I have done that. Other kit is seeing the shares. I have a solution in that I have a spare ssd sitting around. I’ve transferred these libraries to the ssd and plugged it in to the Aries. I can now see that drive from the Win10 pc as a network share.

I have an Altair. I run Asset UPnP server on win 10 and access via upnp on Altair. Works very well. The Auralic software does glitch at times showing me an empty library. But usually restarting or refreshing fixes.

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