Anyone using Benchmark HPA4

Interested in any comments from forum members on any use of the Benchmark HPA4. Its caught my attention as its a neutral headphone amp with seemingly an engaging performance. It has safety protection and configurable gain and power - so many headphone amps at the moment are the ‘warmer’ side of neutral. I don’t want that… I can do that with eq, lead rolling or pads.
So please any comparisons and what phones you are using - thanks for your comments.

Hi Simon
Sorry, other than a very quick demo at CANJAM NY, I cannot help you much on the Benchmark. I have here a SimAudio Moon 430 (poor IMHO), a HeadAmp GSX Mini (excellent), and now one of the last Violectric V281’s (also excellent). Add in a couple of Stax amps as well.

We have a thread going on the Violectric. Slightly less on the warm side of the V281 would be my GSX Mini and even less than that would be the HeadAmp GSX MK2 (which requires a source with a balanced out to take full advantage of the amps capabilities).

I would think the built in amp (or rather lack of) in the TT2 might give you what you are after?

Good luck


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Thanks Gregg, yes I have followed the V281 thread - though I am not sure I could have somethings that looks like that in my living/listening room, specifically the lit LEDs … and I see they it is viewed as the warmer side of neutral… but they are at a good price at the moment… at least in the UK

Yes the TT2 might well do - I will be arranging for a demo - but am interested in the benefits of the THX-888 chipset to improve headphone coupling. The TT2 just keeps it simple but does rather well from all accounts…

There are cheaper Alternative to thx route like massdrop one or sms one

I own the bryston Bha-1 as headphone amp, it is a very good solid state that can drive everything, it is commeted to NAC so all my sources (CD/streamer) are ready to use

Meze is a great headphone but my experince is with Focal Utopia/Stellia, Sony mdr-1 and hd800

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