Anyone using UnitiStar with Seagate Backup Plus USB drive

I’m Trying to add WAV music files to the Seagate for my daughter’s Uniti Star. I copied 100+ albums from my HDX backup NAS via my Windows 10 laptop to a 128GB USB stick.

Seagate was setup Plugged into rear Naim USB port on Star as per Naim instructions and works fine as a store for ripping CDs.

I disconnected the Seagate from star and plugged it in to laptop but couldn’t copy files as Seagate couldn’t be found. So I reconnected to star and plugged the usb stick into one of Seagate USB ports and my daughter’s android app can see all albums, artwork, etc and I could play one. But then they all disappeared and the app just hung. Switched phone off and on and all worked for a few minutes then disappeared again.

Two questions. How do I copy the music onto the Seagate? Why is app not reliably and quickly playing music from usb sticks connected to seagate?

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