Anyone with experience with PSB T3 speakers?

I’m looking for a set of speakers and have read some good reviews of the PSB T3 speakers but have not been successful in finding any information on how they match with Naim gear. I will be running them with SN3. Interesting to get feedback if anyone has experience with these speakers. Cheers Matthew

I have used PSB Alphas, Gold Stratus i, and Platinum T6 speakers with Nait 5i, Nap 140/42.5, and Nap 250/82 with success. Only changed when active NBLs became available.

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Thank you for the info.

I ended up selling the Linn 242 and the temporary speakers (Tekton Pendragon SEAS) which I had listed for sale were placed on the system. I’ve now realized what an awful mistake I would have made selling these. An incredible speaker with massive sound stage, great depth, great bass, plays low and loud effortlessly and are easy to drive. Great with all genres of music. Great match with the SN3.

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