Aphelion 2

Has anyone heard the Aphelion 2 on a RP10?

I’ve had the original Aphelion + RP10 (factory fitted) for about 4 years. Still going strong and hoping it has not got too knackered yet! It’s a fine cartridge that comes close to digital even with the Aria + Powerline + Superlumina RCA to DIN.


Hi Phil - yes I knew you had the Aphelion 1 with the RP10 and that you rate it highly. Was just wondering if anyone has tried the 2 with it. I’ve not heard of anyone having heard that combo as most run the 2 with the P10.

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Has the aphellion2 on my P10, didn’t like it as much as the apheta3, it just only really like good vinyl, the rest just sounded wrong and worse.
Plus I had a few tracks that it would jump on, whereas the apheta3 didn’t.
Can’t say I was impressed with its £3k plus price tag, just glad I didn’t pay retail for it.

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Hi Dunc - thanks. That’s helpful insight and is pretty much what I was wondering. Will it reveal poor recordings and make them sound worse. Maybe best next step from my Apheta 2 is the Apheta 3…

I think its a marmite cartridge, but as said i just couldn’t take to it.
Its what started me looking at different cartridge’s and then eventually swapping the turntable as the cartridge i really liked, wouldn’t really work on the P10.
Apheta3 is the sweat spot

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I respect Dunc’s opinion, but he really hasn’t answered your question, because he has no experience with Aphelion I. I can’t compare the two, but I have found the original Aphelion to be extraordinary. It isn’t that fussy about vinyl quality, in my opinion. I doubt that II is worse than I. Like so many components, my Aphelion took a long time to run in.

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The chap who is selling the Aphelion 2 actually had it on a RP10. He said it was an absolutely superb cartridge when listening to well recorded vinyl (completely different level) but to be aware that it dramatically exposed lesser quality recordings. That honest appraisal seems consistent with Dunc’s observations with the Aphelion 2 albeit with the P10.

Dave, As a general rule it is reckoned to be inadvisable to buy expensive second hand cartridges and arms because everything is so delicate and easy to damage if you don’t know what you are doing. I always left my dealer to do cartridge changes to the RP8 (when fitting the Apheta and when I wanted it checked by Rega). A bit of a fag!

I think I am still learning how to get the best out of my system and also the RP10/Aphelion. I would always take other people’s views with a pinch of salt because it’s their setup in their room with their ears.


I only went with the aphelion2 for a short time really and in that time it was clear to me, that it wasn’t for me, as said it can be fantastic on the right bit of vinyl, but if its not, then it was worse.
I went looking for even more than the P10/APHETA3 had, the aphelion2 was the obvious choice, luckily i didn’t pay full price and sold it for not much less.
Further more the guy that had it off me, also isn’t fully sold on it and i wonder if its the same cartridge being offered for sale, as cant be that many?
The £3k dynavector cartridge that i heard was far nicer than the aphelion2, plus as i said before, i had a few tracking issues on certain tracks with the aphelion2 as well, and believe others have also experienced similar tracking problems, i tried different tracking weights and tracking force, it made no difference, strange.

The aphelion2 is a nice cartridge, just not a great cartridge and for me not worth the price, especially over the apheta3, its like the aphelion2 is having to try to hard to be better than the great job rega did with the apheta3, it certainly can bring a bit more detail, but can also sound lean, cold and just not interesting on the wrong vinyl.
A rega P10 with 2 arms, apheta3 on one arm and aphelion2 on the other would be the best wayto go, lol. Or just try a dynavector cartridge, as long as you can get it work right on the rega arm, as they really want small light weight cartridge’s

If I upgrade from the Apheta 2 it will be to the Apheta 3 not the Aphelion. No hurry though as the RP10 with A2 sounds fabulous this evening.

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I have the Aphelion1 on the RP10. It is unambiguously revealing AND forgiving over all my old records accumulated over the last 60 years. No complaints at all — best I have owned by a mile, w Superline + Supercap into 552DR.

I have not heard the Aphelion2 yet.



Bart, @Bart you have an Aphelion 2 on your P10. How’s it going? Good on pristine vinyl only?

I’ve been meaning to reach out!

But no – my cartridge makes us happy on all our vinyl including my wife’s ‘vintage’ Beatles albums that she did take good care of but are far from pristine.

I went for the simplicity of the Rega cart / Rega tt matchup, so I’ve not heard other cartridges. I’m guessing that this Aphelion 2 is on the more “revealing” side of the spectrum. I really don’t have the patience to listen to others especially when it means shimming the arm. I have too much else going on in my life!

What Bart is doing is spot on really.
As I said, the rega cartridges with rega arms on rega turntables, are by far the easiest way to go and you will get great results, it’s only when you start to look away that the limitations start to show.
But for me the aphellion2 was a disappointment over the apheta3, I have since had conversations with 3 other aphellion2 owners, that have also experienced the same Tracking problems as me.
Also the guy I sold my aphellion2 too, is selling it, as he can’t find the love for it.

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I’ve had 0 tracking issues. How did your issues show up?

I’ve gone with the P10 / Apheta 3. My dealer offered a really good trade in deal against my RP10. Looking forward to seeing what it brings.

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I’ll be interested in hearing how that goes for you.

Yes. I’ll report back Richard.

I had a few tracks on certain albums, that would just jump at the same point, fine with the apheta 3 and fine with my new turntable and cartridge.
I did do a search and found a thread with others, with the same issue on a different forum