App bugs (5.14.1)

After closing the app to do something else on the I pad (I have it set for one app at a time to maximise battery life) the now playing is showing ready even though a rip is playing and when I try to enter setting I get a wait symbol unless I touch the ? and then it comes up and stays up when I touch it again so it dims. Restarting the I pad clears the fault

Official Apple advice is that you don’t reduce power consumption by closing all apps except the current one. The Naim app is not intended to be used the way you are using it, so perhaps you should try leaving it running. The battery usage monitor will tell you how much more you are using if you do that. I doubt that it would be much at all.

I leave open apps open and let the iPhone/ iPad shut them down itself if it needs to free memory. My Naim app usage doesn’t even show up in the list, it’s so small.



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OK, I’ve allowed multiple apps, will see if it works. Side tracked by vinyl now.

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