App can't 'see' or doesn't show tracks stored in Downloads folder

It’s not ‘restricted’ as such.
NAIM simply advise users not to mess with the structure and the content of that folder.
That is why I wrote - provided one knows what one is doing.

I did successfully add folders under my UnitiServ into RIPS/MQ and they were read fine by the UnitiServe. This was on an advice from a trusted source.
So I’m counting that the Core will behave the same.

I thought the Music/MQ folder was read only, although I dare say that could be tweaked.

Otherwise mcjt1’s approach might be the best way forward, but it depends how many albums would have to be edited.

The Core did have a big change a while after release which was when metadata editing was added and at the same time the Core was supposed to respect user edits imported from Unitiserve etc. So Adam’s suggestion might work even if it didn’t in the past. I will be interested!

ok, it appears the MQ folder is read only - it presents a ‘no-entry’ sign when i attempt to drag a file accross :frowning:

That’s OK.

Can you open the MQ folder and view the content?

Yes, i can open it and view the content

See if you can create a new folder with an artist name (the one you are testing).
Once done - drag the content into that folder.

the mac doesn’t give me the option of creating a folder with the MQ folder - it does permit a ‘smart folder’ but not quite sure how they function - if i create a normal folder on the desktop, name it and attempt to transfer it empty that is also not permitted

I don’t think it makes any difference to the Core indexing whether the files are in the downloads folder or the Music/MQ folder does it?

just tried creating the new folder in the downloads folder, which worked, transferred the content across and still no tracks visible in the app, despite being visible within the downloads and sub-folders - think it might be time for tech support

Can you send me the ‘offending’ album by WeTransfer? I will have a look at it tomorrow.


Hi Adam, if ok i’ll ask the mrs to do this (prob tomorrow evening now) as she has a we transfer a/c - do i need your details to do that?

Hi Adam, We transfer will allow us to send you the files 9tracks) , but not the album folder so we’ll send the lot over.

If you zip the folder, you can send it in one go and it will contain all files.

OK - have the files now. Let me see what I can see :wink:

Ok- files loaded up succesfuly onto my NAS. UnitiServe did a re-scan and hey presto…

That’s positive- do they play and, if so, is that because they’re stored in your NAS as opposed to the US?

Yes - they play fine.
I have a UnitiServe SSD - so no internal drive - all files are stored on a NAS and ‘administered’ by US

And did you make a new album folder within the downloads folder and put the tracks and metadata within that?

Nope - I’ve put them into my RIP / MQ folder just to double check my theory.
The files are fine and are easily picked up my my UnitiServe.

I can remove it from there and put them into a download folder to test. Will report on that in the evening.

Adam: it worked for you as it did me! Cool!
Naim certainly recommends users not fiddling with the MQ folder, but I’ve been very careful and it worked for me. The trick is to pay very close attention to what and where you’re putting folders. If ever there were issues with “Unknown Track, Unknown Artist” in the Naim app, despite being Naim ripped tracks, I just pulled the folders back out, reformatted as metadata-embedded FLAC, and stuck them in Downloads.

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