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Getting really pissed off with the App constantly not recognising either my Uniti Star or Muso Qb. Takes an age to get everything working

It’s useful to know what version of the app you’re using on your device. Is it an Apple device or Android?
What version of software is running on your phone/tablet and on your Naim equipment?
What is your wifi set-up? Are you using the ISP wifi router/modem?
Does it have any extenders or repeaters? If so, how are they connected to the router/modem?
How is it all configured?
Are your Naim devices hard wired or also running on wifi?

There are so many variables and more than often, it’s the implementation of the wifi set-up that affects how the app finds the Naim equipment on your network.

My system, like many others, is on a robust wifi system and works flawlessly (famous last words).

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This issue goes back a decade - Naim tech support at the time, posting on the previous forum, recommended Ubiquiti WAP(s).

I followed that advice, removing flaky Netgear. Recently installed my fifth WAP, all wired back to a PoE switch, Draytek router / modem (Draytek = BT approval).
My ISP is BT (FTTC) but I didn’t use their kit - today it is much improved and recent posting by an esteemed forum member, with I think extensive network experience, suggests BT HH latest series with mesh waps usually work well.
It seems some peps are installing Netgear Orbi or other non ISP kit, much of which is similar price to Ubquiti but for which problems are reported.

I would add one comment to @Blythe excellent comments above, ISPs supply kit built to a price, with spec compromises. BT have overcome most of those now, but several other manufacturers are building very much down to a price - even if it is provided foc on contract.

For the record, I have five WAPs across two buildings and the iOS control points find any of my five streamers, consistently and promptly. First gen, next gen, new gen, and wireless Muso and Qb. It all just works, with a couple of Apple tv 4k boxes also in the mix.
Unless anyone experiencing a wifi problem is in rental props or about to move, there is almost no property in the uk where at least one or two hard wired WAPs can’t be installed. A job for a keen diyer or a quick instal for a quality experienced sparky. Once installed, if the right kit has been selected, it will work reliably. There are advantages to hard wired, but many have successful wireless WAP instals - quality kit and correct settings are fundamental.

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Similar problem with a Muso 2, iPhone 12, FTTP, everything up to date.

I usually have to close the app and reopen before it finds the Muso. Disconnecting the Muso from the mains (a major pain) fixes it for a while.

Thanks to all of you for your comments. The more technical ones are way beyond my very limited expertise, but I really appreciate you all taking the time to help.

Same here… App discovery of Muso2 has been almost rock solid since I got it 2 years ago. But it started to act weird this weekend. I updated the app to the latest version. Did not work. Only showing half a second Muso then defaulting to search mode. I erased the app and reloaded and did the switch-router reboot. It is OK for the time being.

Almost always a restart of your router will sort out these issues.

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