App duplicates folders on USB drive

I use a USB drive on the Muso. The music file directory structure is artist/album which I assume is the normal arrangement. I have noticed that a few artist folders (and album contents) are duplicated on the app. Seems to be every 100th or so. The files play fine so not a biggie - just odd. If I delete the duplicated folder it simply duplicates the next in line. Anyone else experienced this? Is it an app bug or is there a fix?

I saw the similar points raised in the closed NAS share topic but I don’t think this is a recycle bin issue as it seems to be related to number sequence.

I’ve never noticed that on my USB drive, you could perhaps try the setting “Other Settings/Rebuild Music Database”

Have you tried emptying the bin just to check this?

Thanks for the comments. I have deleted the recycle bin a few times (windows seems to want to put it back). What makes me think it is a bug is that if I delete the duplicate, the next folder in sequence is then duplicated. Strange.
I only noticed it by chance. The duplication seems to be consistent every 100 or so folders. I don’t know if the app developers would be interested?

I don’t have the rebuild option! Is that because I am using the app with a muso?

Just to be clear. The folders are not physically duplicated on the USB drive. They just appear as duplicates on the app.

You do need to scroll down the options to the end, at least you do on my NDX2, but I would have thought the option should still be there

Interesting. This is my other settings menu!

I think you just need to swipe up a bit to see the options below that - in fact I can just see the option on your screenshot, albeit half greyed out

Thanks for the response. The menu is slightly different to yours - the last and only setting just off the screenshot is reset app.

They are different menus because they are different products! Also one of you has dark appearance set and the other has light appearance set.

This is not something I have seen reported by anyone else. You could send a report in to Naim technical support and maybe they have come across it.

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