App for Unitilite?

Is there an iOS app that will work with the Unitilite? I only see reference to one that is no longer available on the app store. I tried the new “Naim” app but dont see my model listed.

Any ideas? Thx :pray:

See screenshot of the Naim app (top lefthand) in the App Store, download this one you need to control your Naim device.

I have the latest version (5.4.13) of the Naim App on my iPad and it works with my Unitilite.

The version available on AppStore should be fine.

The reason that Unitilite isn’t listed is that you don’t need to setup Unitilite in the Naim app. So just touch “find my rooms” and it will find your Unitilite (or SuperUniti, or Uniti, or Unitiqute, or NAC N-272 etc).



Wow, thanks all! You were right, the Unitilite was visible in rooms and the app works great.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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