App gets confused after Multiroom

I often use the Multiroom-Feature in a Uniti 2, Muso-QB, Muso environment but almost same “often” the network and/or the app on my iPad gets confused after switching back so “single”-room:

  • Access/response time is significantly higher than before
  • App doesn’t show the lower bar (for, e.g., controlling volume)
  • At (so far just once), app is doing strange things as shown in figure below (album information is put on home screen)

Usually I can bring back all stuff to normal operation by restarting not only the app but also whole network.
In general it looks to me as that multiroom operation is not properly terminated. Not sure so far, but ending multi-room on the app or by switching off / stop one client after the other seem to make a difference (multi-room is also terminated when all indivualls / slaves stop playing except the master).

  • NAS is DS212+ with minimserver
  • Control is done by iPad (mostly used for multiroom) or Android smartphone (usually just the Muso)

Have you oberseved similar behaviour and what is your solution?

I’ve just checked this. Played upnp from my Qnap on the 272 then added two Qbs. Then disconnected the Qbs via the app. A momentary pause on the 272 as multiroom disconnects and it’s exactly the same as before. Just as fast, all functions present and correct. So multiroom works fine. All my boxes are wired via the same switch.

I have used multiroom before, so it is not that I haven’t. It us just that I have observed that things get worse once that I actually have used multiroom - not always in the sense that I exactly know what do to in order to provoke the behaviour.
Probably is also to combine with more than just one remote via tablet/smartphone… this is just to add because today multiroom is suprinsingly stable working.

I have also had the volume bar disappear for the “slave” unit, as reported above. Restarting the app brings it back.

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