App having problems with playlists on new NAS

I use MusicBee on a Windows 10 PC to sync music and playlists to a Western Digital NAS and then use the android Naim app to browse and play by playlist.

I’ve just invested in a new Synology DS NAS and installed their Media Server package. This creates a Music folder into which you can, allegedly, copy folders of music files and playlists thereof.

In MusicBee, I synced a test folder and playlist to the new NAS but the app is having none of it. If I browse to the server and go to Playlists, I can see the playlist name but when I select it the app reports “No results”.

Can anyone offer any advice on getting the app to see and use playlists on the new NAS?


Can you get the contents of one of those playlists - just the first 5 or more lines. Use Notepad to open the file if possible, and place it here?

Thanks for coming back to me.

After much banging of my head on the desk, it seems that, unlike the playlists on my outgoing WD NAS, the Synology NAS and its Media Server like playlists to use relative paths to the music files. I have no idea why each NAS should think differently. I tinkered with the MusicBee sync settings and all would seem to be well with the app.

Sometimes, I really hate technology which, given I’m in the IT business, might be a problem :smile:

Thanks for the offer of help though.

Paths was where I was going with this, so well done for finding it!

I’ve also been in IT, and fully agree with you. Great when it works, crap when an error tells you to see your System Administrator, and that’s you. It’s why I use Mac at home, but must add that I have also had a lot of issues with playlists

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