App Naim crashes frequently

Good morning everyone
Even in the presence of an operational wifi line status, the Naim app frequently deactivates and goes into room search status and then reconnects after a few minutes.
This now happens frequently while listening to the selected song. It also often happens that the volume control stops and forces me to use the remote control to adjust it.
This instability doesn’t happen when I use roon app as remote control on my samsung tablet.
Thanks for the tips

This sounds like a network issue - are you running a wi-fi extender or mesh network? Does your router ‘roam’ different frequencies?
These can cause issues as your phone/tablet ends up effectively being on a different network to your Naim product.

Would also be useful to know which Naim product(s) you have, and whether its firmware and the Naim App are fully updated.

Sure we can help from here.

Good morning Claire
I have a 5g line and NOVA runs at more than 500 \ 600 mbps.
The amp works regularly, I often leave it on in the background tuned to the radio and it works all the time
I have never had the need for radio links or bridges as I have a high-end modem, the FritzBOx 7590.
I state that Roon crashes very very rarely and allows me to listen without interruptions.
It is a problem that has occurred since I bought the device, and it happened the same way when I had a much less performing wifi line.
In reality, the tablet, an old Samsung s3, always travels at reduced speeds, but it also happens with my latest generation iphone.

The firmware is up to date, thanks

Thanks for the info!

So, if internet radio streams fine, what are you getting crashes with? TIDAL? Qobuz?

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