App NAIM problem in Italy

today in Italy the NAIM app is very bad, nd5xs2 responds to commands from the iPhone iPad with at least 4 minutes of delay …

It’s a British national and is panicking about Brexit! :anguished:

A 4 min delay sounds very odd, normally I’d expect it to react in a couple of seconds and if it can’t respond in 30 seconds I’d expect it to give up and decide there’s a timeout error rather than just continue trying. Even the OS will normally timeout a connection in 30s, so I don’t know how it’s continuing to try to do the action.

maybe network problem … I turn off the front button 3 seconds and turn it back on,

restart all, router, then nas, then streamer then reinstall the app. should be fine.

I agree with Xanthe. If my streamer doesn’t respond in 2 seconds, then I am standing up to go and see what is wrong.

It sounds to me as if the throughput on the network is extremely slow, but not slow enough so that it times out. I would restart the router/WiFi access point as a first step and restart the streamer too.



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