App on desktop

Will there come an naim-app to the desktop of my computer?

I do have an iMac and can’t control my set. only via my iPhone.

Same like spotify, i can control the songs on my computer.

If there is coming an app, when?? and when not, why not?


I understand that Apple are moving to the ARM chip in their desktops/laptops starting the end of this year. I think the theory is that they will be able to run iPhone/iPad apps. Obviously no use to you now as you would need to buy a new one

I have no idea if this works for the Naim app, but might an iOS emulator for macOS help? See (hoping this link is OK to post)

I had the same question a long time ago. The last software on the desktop I used was the app to control the HDX.

Anyway, I needed a solution on the desktop afterwards and ended up being a happy Roon user.

Don’t know if iOS emulators on Mac OS work any better but I had the same idea of installing the Naim app on Bluestacks on my Windows laptop. App installed OK but it can’t find the streamer.

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If network otherwise works in the emulator I can’t see why. The laptop is in the same LAN?

May be worth disabling the firewall service, and possibly antivirus just for a minute to see if either are causing the issue

This may not be of any help as it means extra cost but this was one of the reasons I got Roon.

Enables full control from PC.


I did the same, easy fix and I like using Roon.

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Yes the Windows laptop and the streamer are on the same LAN but the Bluestacks VM doesn’t appear to be. Running a LAN scan on my phone doesn’t show the VM on the LAN. Unfortunately there are no options in Bluestacks relating to networks so I don’t know if there’s any way round this.

All that said, native apps on Windows and Mac OS would be nice.

I see. Weird. I’m sure other people want to control IoT devices in this way, too

Extremely rudimentary, and technically unsupported, but it can be done using:

I use it from time to time when I’m too lazy to get my phone out.


Oooh nice one

I tried this just now and although it opens the correct (I think) page, I can’t seem to browse to any music or anything.

For those on PC, NOX works perfectly, you just have to set the networking to host and it picks up naim just fine (well in my case a uniti just fine, not sure about everything else)

Volume, input selection all there on my desktop, noice.

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Thanks for this. After a bit of faffing around I’ve got it working with my ND5XS2. However the app is in portrait mode like a phone, is there any way to get it filling up the screen in landscape mode?

Sure pull out the side menu, then there is a little flyout menu with more commands, one of which is to turn it portrait or landscape.

There is also a setting somewhere to tell it to open up how it was close so you dont have to keep changing it

The Apple news app for instance

Linn Kazoo works for me. It runs on iMac and controls the Atom on my desk.


With Linn Kazoo, am I right in thinking that you also need to install OpenHome on the MAC and have to open both applications separately, for it to work?

In addition, should Bubble Server also be installed on the NAS for it all to work?