App on ios: lost connection with atom

My Atom (firmware 3.3.0 4300) is wired connected to a fritzbox 7530 router. At the same router is wireless conncted an iphone and an android, both with the naim app installed.
On ios, every time I open the app, it do not find the atom! I must wait that the search goes in timeout then I have to press the refresh button, now it finds the atom. Then, leaving the app opened, after a while it loses the connection with the atom: I have to kill the app, reopen it and look for the atom once again.
The android app works perfectly.
Any help or suggestion please?

Same for me with my 2 Mu-so 2nd generation. :thinking:

Mine too. :roll_eyes:

What version of IOS are you using? IOS13 seems to handle the app in the background differently to IOS 12 and Naim is looking at that currently.

Also did you know you can refresh the rooms page without waiting for the timeout? You drag the rooms screen down and release it, the same way you would refresh email on an IOS device. This is dragging gently inside the screen and then taking your finger off, not swiping downwards from outside the screen which will just bring up your notifications.



I’m using ios 13.2.2.
Thanks for the tip to refresh

There seems to be some question as to whether 13.2.2 has fixed the memory management bug or not. Anyway I think with both Apple and Naim on it, we can expect this to get better!


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