App response on incoming calls

I use iphone 11 to control NDX2 and when i receive a call while streamer is playing i have to manually pause the streamer.
This can be a little stressful experience: first have to lower or pause NDX2 and then answer the call and this has to be done fast in order not to miss the call, or alternatively: answer the call and then use other means to pause NDX2 or lower the volume (remote control or volume knob).
All these are far from ideal, so is there any plans auto pause to be implemented in Naim app? It could be a option to the current behavior.

That would be awful. Imagine the music stopping every time the phone rang. Surely pressing pause in the remote is perfectly simple?

Sure, current behaviour would be the default but you know sometimes remote is not easy to find.
Other music apps like spotify do this by default i think.

But if the Naim unit is in another room, then you couldn’t control it with the remote without changing rooms.



Ah, but if it’s in a different room it’s unlikely to be loud enough to interfere with the phone call in the first place.

Not necessarily true! My dining/day room Naim SuperUniti is in the sitting room and its loudspeaker cables come through a hole in the wall between the two rooms to the speakers in the day room. I control it with the app from the chair in which I do get phone calls occasionally.



Ok, you win!!

You could if it was one of the Zigbee types (or whatever they’re called) as supplied with the ND555 and NDX2, which don’t require line of sight control.

Now Clive does have a point!



I think a better idea would be to have the Naim app automatically put the phone into silent do not disturb mode when music is playing. :grinning:


Automatic mute or pause would be a useful option in some cases, but it should be user selectable. Thise who are not permanently welded to their phones would find it most irritating to have the music stop just because the phone, possibly abandoned in another room, and possibly belonging to someone else, happened to ring.

I find the Naim app widget, which is available for new streaming platform devices, to be a quick and effective control point when the phone rings: quick swipe right, pause Naim, reply to call. Might be worth trying to see if this is sufficiently convenient: it’s certainly quicker than going into the main app and hitting pause.

Regards alan

The widget is so far only available on iOS though, which the OP has but not everyone

One of the reasons to get a device which can be controlled by apps is you don’t need a remote. I hated the days when you easily had 3-5 remotes on the coffee table in every house. I’m currently down to one, for my TV, only because the app sucks. The Naim remote is stored away in the box it came in.

Having said that, I do agree the behaviour should be optional if implemented. There’s multiple people in the house, multiple Naim units, and multiple rooms. Don’t see how an auto pause could work in a sensible way for my situation.

Unfortunately the widget is not available on Android, and won’t be for the forseeable future.

I tried to do this you suggest but seems it is not what i want:


  • Phone rings

  • i have full screen occupied by telephone app.

  • i have to minimize it

  • I have to quick find widget but this not so fast procedure (swipe left/scroll down/locate widget/press pause)

  • Last step to maximize phone app and answer call…

Maybe i am doing something wrong, otherwise this is a disaster from usability point of view…

Definitely what i ask: a user selectable option. In my case i live alone in my apartment that has not that many rooms or other phones…

Fair enough, good you tried it!

I guess my use is only slightly more streamlined: as phone rings, swipe to widget screen; I have Naim widget at the top (now it is a half screen down, since there is no way to put the user customization widgets at the top after the iOS update); swipe up to go and answer phone.

For sure it is not in the same galaxy as auto mute… but maybe it gets less cumbersome with practice. Also: my phone doesn’t ring all that much anyway, so not as disruptive as what you are facing.

Best wishes, thanks for trying and sharing your experience!

Regards alan

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Just don’t answer the phone when you are cranking tunes … that’s what voicemail is for lol
Record a message that tells the caller “ sorry I can’t take your call right now due to excess volume during music sessions “

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