App Update 5.17 broke my Super and Unitilite

I’m afraid that after a year or more of finally working correctly the recent app update to 5.17 has broken my Superuniti and Unitilite. I can no longer play two songs consecutively whether on an album or selected songs. the play simply stops and the display reads “press play to continue” which repeats the just ended song.

Does Naim have a fix or can I roll back to the previous version?

I’m running firmware 4.7
and have rebooted both the streamers and my iphone many times.

Does it load more than one song / the whole album into the play queue?

What source are you using? Local files, quboz, or tidal?

Have you contacted Naim tech support?

I have NDX with 4.7, app 5.17 on iPad 13.6.1 & streaming from a NAS using Asset UPnP. It works OK & no hint of your problem.

A long shot that might be worth trying:
Delete the app and then clear the iPhone memory & RAM before reinstalling; I’m thinking you might have a bad link & it needs clearing before getting a clean 5.17 as I’ve found other iPad app issues that I fixed this way.

yes, yesterday. waiting for a response. thank you.

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that’s an interesting idea. the app,
one on my phone and the other on the ipad, is affecting both my streamers, but nothing to lose. thank you. I’ll let you know what happens.

yes, all looks and loads as normal. I’m using tidal. this was an issue a few years ago but an update to the app resolved it. it’s been clear sailing since then until now. someone suggested deleting the app and re-installing; will try that. thanks for the reply.

bingo! deleting the app on each of my two apple devices and re-installing appears to have done the trick. I’ve tested it with a few different albums a few times each and the “next song” plays just fine. thanks for your help. this forum is so good.


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so far all systems go!!! thanks so much. ps- I like the favorites section.

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