Apple HomePod Discontinued

They’re going to instead concentrate on the HomePod Mini.

Annoying. They have great sound for their size. I just got one to supply sound outside in Airplay2 sync with my Nova.

It’s very surprising given the importance of music to Apple…

I bought one a good while back and found it incredibly irritating! Connecting to my iphone was a complete lottery and I found the sound quality very average when I did manage to connect. The technology was interesting and I read somewhere that Apple spent a fortune on R&D/ manufacture such that they were thought to be a loss leader - not sure if that is correct as you can read all sorts of nonsense on the interweb.


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Absolutely… one review I read said one of the best speakers for the hone ever… and had the words ‘ From the booming base and well-shaped nature of the tweeter assembly inside;’ sic
A booming bass is apparently seen as a virtue…:laughing:

The HomePod is nothing short of astonishing.
An active speaker with streamer and DSP that adapts to its environment. This thing produces what seems like 30 hz without even vibrating it’s small enclosure. All in the footprint of little more than a large coffee cup! Sure it’s not a mu-so QB but it’s also less than a third the price.

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