Apple iOS 13.6

Anyone having problems connecting to Naim equipment after installing latest iOS update?
My iPad Air (3rd generation) is suffering multiple fails trying to find My NAC272.
Using BT Smart hub 2, fibre 2, wired connection, having to delete and reinstall Naim app to get it to work.

Ok, seems to be caused when using bbc sounds app on iPad via apple air play into Sonos port connected to nac 272 via coax connection, this causes Naim app to fail i.e. app cannot find nac 272, requiring app to be reinstalled to resolve. Apart from calling Naim support any ideas?

The Naim App is working fine with iOS13.6 and an ND5 XS

Thanks, I now think the issue might be related to Apple airplay running on iPad along with Naim app.

All good here, nd5xs2 and muso2 in different countries as well, can’t comment on BBC stuff as I don’t consume such material :wink:

You could try performing a Network reset on the iPad (Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings).

Thanks, working ok now, from time to time the Naim app does “lose” the nac272, I guess there are multiple reasons why, usually fixed by turning things off and on again🙄

Working fine here after update.


You should almost never need to delete and reinstall an app in iOS. That does delete the data as well as the app, which rarely is a good thing, but there are two lesser things to try first. Usually one of them will work.

The first is that in the rooms screen, if you pull the page down and release it, like refreshing email in the email app, the app looks again for rooms, forgetting previous ip addresses of rooms for example.

Secondly you can stop the app, by swiping it up and away in the app switcher screen. Then reselect the app.

Only if both of those fail and restarting the streamer doesn’t help would I think about deleting and reinstalling the app.

You should also consider restarting your router because sometimes these room finding issues are about your router not handling discovery properly and a restart can fix it.

I hope this helps.



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Hi David thanks for suggestions which I did try when the event occurred.
Delete and reinstall from the App Store hasn’t caused me any issues the data input settings/upnp etc remain, so I guess these are “stored” on the NAC 272?

Yes of course they are.

What I am saying is that uninstalling and reinstalling an app is more or less pointless in most situations, but if it works for you then fine.



Thanks David, as a matter of interest what is the data were you referring too that is deleted, when deleting/installing the Naim app on the iPad.
Apologies for maybe stupid question. I’m not very knowledgable in these areas🙂

It could be all sorts of things in general but with the Naim app it’s going to stuff like what the IP addresses of the last known rooms were, the current choice of top screen, whether albums are in a list or in a matrix, the current setting of permissions for reporting crashes or usage data to the app developers, what colour scheme choice you made, etc



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